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Spaz, the ultimate twitter client !

I’ve got fresh news for the ones among you using Twitter (don’t you know what twitter is? check it out here). Until now I’ve been using the Twitter website to make my updates or sometimes the useful twitter gadget on gmail ’cause I didn’t really need anything else plus I’m keeping many browsers open all day long and that felt natural to me. Well all this up to now, I’ve been searching for better alternatives out there and stumbled upon this top5 by DailyApps. Spaz blew me out! It’s an Adobe Air application so that will maybe make you feel a little dizzy until you figure out how to add air to your arsenal of web browser plugins. The one shot install works in less than 1 minute and the app is truly well made and has all the feature you’ll ever ask to a twitter client, unless you would like to send files to your twitter “contacts” (a soon to be added feature I hope).

Check it out, and, by the way:

Dump Facebook

Now more than ever…

All the Best!



It looks like SPAZ users are having some kind of issues with the way Twitter is limiting API queries to the service, I guess it isn’t a specific SPAZ problem but it’s due to the huge popularity Twitter is getting since the latest Mac Kenote… head here for more info

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