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20 Firefox extensions for the advanced user

I’ve been using Firefox for quite some time now (since when it was known as “Mozilla Phoenix” …was that 2001? can’t really remember…) and I’ve been unable to switch away since then. Let’s face it, there are better browsers out there when it comes to raw speed, memory efficiency and quality of rendering. But there’s something you cannot really beat Firefox at: community support.

And it translates to EXTENSIONS in my head…
lots of them, too good to be true, a browser that can do almost anything (except for coffee).

Switching to Firefox is not enough, you gotta get yourself some good extensions, and I can suggest you 20 of them, which I use on my main desktop…so let’s start:

  • 1,2) Adblock plus + Filterset.G Updater
  • Get this and you will get rid of lots of stupid ads, popups and so on, making your web browsing experience something similar to what it was back in 1998 (with more porn, btw)!

  • 3) Colorful Tabs
  • This extension is for sissies, but I happen to like it when you get every tab with a different color, then tabs suck less IMO.

  • 4) Download statusbar
  • How could you live with the stinking download windows? For me it isn’t even worth considering, I like everything to be in the same window, and downloads on the statusbar rule, and you keep everything under control, at all times (can you feel the power?) plus it has fancy graphics…

  • 5) Downthemall!
  • Mass downloading is for power users, you get to that wareX page with all the embedded mp3s and you want to get them all at once? then this is for you! I personally don’t use this very often, but it shouldn’t be eating too much RAM when not in use.

  • 6) Fasterfox
  • If you wanna kick you proxy’s ass or simply destroy your router fasterfox is the way to go, it does some optimizations to Firefox network settings but its best feature is the time counter, how f*king much did it take to load this shit?!??! never wonder again!

  • 7) Greasemonkey
  • The Holy grail of firefox extensions… this gives you a scripting engine inside your browser, what could you ask more? Of course greasemonkey is useful like a greased monkey’s ass without some good scripts…but it’s up to your choice (go get some here… seems to be down, too bad!)

  • 8)IE Tab
  • This is a genius extension! it lets you have 2 browsers in one, now this is the REAL memory HOG! show your least favourite pages in IE under Firefox Tabs, how does that sound? well, useful.

  • 9)Linky
  • I should remove this one, really, it sucks, IMO, but I just needed a quick way to turn a text only link into the real thing, well, this is not really making it any easier…

  • 10) MR Tech local install
  • This was to get rid of some stupid firefox annoyances like the maxversion compatibility check for extensions… but I found it a very useful and powerful extension nonetheless, just get it, you will thank me (and MR Tech!) later.

  • 11) Next image
  • Do you dare say: next image, please? now firefox is listening, making it the best, ehm, tool, to… er…browse “photo” galleries with very plain names (like Kimberly_1.jpg, Kimberly_2.jpg, you know the score…) …like…animal PET galleries, for instance! (came out clean, woah…that was close).

  • 12) Read Easily
  • Well, this extension makes the Fox unique, if not real stupid…You can now have a look at all those fancy web 2.0 sites without any css at all, welcome back to 1992!!

  • 13) Switchproxy tool
  • Sometimes the extensions gods send down to the earth something really useful, thank you Prometheus for this little gem, it enables you to switch proxy on the fly to browse like mad, I LOVE IT!

  • 14) Reveal
  • This extension kicks ass!!!! triple click and you have a magnifying glass on your browser, can you say 24x zoomed nipples? HOT! Please don’t hit f2 or the magic will kill you!

  • 15) Performancing
  • This is a good extension for when you need to publish on your blog, but it is not really working 100% I might remove it some day…

  • 16) DOM Inspector
  • This is wonderful work, are you a web developer? Are you just a porn browser? you cannot do without this one, literally, it’s included in the Fox default install.

  • 17) Talkback
  • Don’t you hate it when suddenly everything sucks? please send your complaints to and they will work on it, worst effort mode!!! I love you guys.

  • 18) Tab Mix Plus
  • I used Tabbrowser preferences/extensions for sooooo long! But then, it sucked soooo hard, made firefox a real pain in the ass to use, slow and bulky, Tabmixplus is the solution, does the same stuff, better, faster, more, cheap.

  • 19) Update notifier
  • Do you really notice when your extensions need to be updated? you will if you install this one! An extension that helps you feel the need to update extensions? This world is so sick…

  • 20) Fireftp
  • I hate this one, it was not meant to make it on the list, but I suddenly realized I was missing an ftp client on my pc and this made the trick…a small extension that makes your fox a lousy ftp client.

    Hope this will make you all switch to Flock…
    :) just kidding.

    As usual, send your comments to me….



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