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Tag Archives: Music

Getting social, or promoting your music online

Are you a self produced musician or band? Then you could find the following post interesting… I recently began doing my own music and putting it for free on the internet, which is something I really wanted to do for a long time. I’ve undertaken this project, my solo record, and I put so much [...]

Speaking of Life: Chinese Democracy

The new Guns and Roses record: “Chinese Democracy” has been officially confirmed for november 23. I am Happy, it’s finally here… after 17 years and 13 milions dollars… let’s start the word of mouth! On a side note, I would like to point out that one of the best living guitarists out there, Ron “Bumblefoot” [...]

Preparing for Freak Guitar Camp 2008

Hello there, Everything’s ready, fingers are numb (already), guitar’s loaded and I even survived the FLU… Looks like I’m ready to embark for THE journey. I’m attending 2nd international week at Freak Guitar Camp 2008. For the next week I’ll be guitaristicaly enslaved by a bunch of angry swede musicians. Hope I’ll survive I’ll be [...]

The Way Of Opening, recensione by WolfStep

Vi segnalo la prima recensione italiana di “The Way Of Opening”, ad opera del grande, misericordioso WolfStep! Che posso dire se non che lui è un figo e che di musica ne capisce certo più di me? Boh, andate e leggetevela, dicono faccia passare il malumore Simmessa.

ABnormal is out July 1st

The latest album from Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal will be out on July 1st, and it’s a very good thing. I think Bumblefoot is one of the most interesting guitar players of these years, he’s playing lead guitar for the Guns’n’Roses (be prepared, they will make a comeback in 2008, no doubt…Chinese Democracy is out soon) [...]

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