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Tag Archives: Review

Movies: Crank 2 High Voltage

For those of you that love fast paced action movies I’ve got good news: Crank 2 is out this April! (in the United Kingdom, I presume) The Original Crank was great in my opinion, it’s the closest you can get to a Grand Theft Auto videogame transposition to the Big screen. The sequel might be [...]

The Way Of Opening, recensione by WolfStep

Vi segnalo la prima recensione italiana di “The Way Of Opening”, ad opera del grande, misericordioso WolfStep! Che posso dire se non che lui è un figo e che di musica ne capisce certo più di me? Boh, andate e leggetevela, dicono faccia passare il malumore Simmessa.

Studio Monitors on the cheap side

This is a mini-review I wrote to compare some studio monitors, as posted on the mighty bumbleforum. I hope you’ll find a use for it. Cheers, Simmessa.

My first cd review

Hello everybody, I wrote a CD review of guitarist Wim Roelants record “Burn” that you can find on the guitars-attitude web-site at this page: I hope you will like it, just leave me an email with your comments if you care. Cheers, Simmessa.

It’s out!

It’s finally out…Weird Al Yankovic’s latest work…and it looks like it’s really worth the wait…Initially announced for June 27, was later posponed to September 26 (today) because of legal problems with the parody of James Blunt’s “You’re beautiful”. The result of this, apart from the delay (necessary for Weird Al to come up with 2 [...]

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