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Hey, that’s me.

On the very first day of this year I released my first solo musical work, without much fanfare, and it’s been a month. It’s called “The Way Of Opening”, barely 8 tracks of musical confusion, all being inside my head, unreleased until now. I did this as part of my “Being a Rockstar” project (that [...]

Vi segnalo un concerto

22/07/2007 Festa della Birra di Rovato Ore 22.30 Luogo: Rovato (BS) Dream Company in concerto Amara legge del tributo: Cazzo, ma come ̬ possibile che ci siano in giro 200 tributi a Vasco (manco fosse morto!) e neanche mezzo ai Rush? РAnonimo Beh, ogni buona regola ha le sue eccezioni, finalmente un tributo che [...]

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