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Tag Archives: Guitar

Preparing for Freak Guitar Camp 2008

Hello there, Everything’s ready, fingers are numb (already), guitar’s loaded and I even survived the FLU… Looks like I’m ready to embark for THE journey. I’m attending 2nd international week at Freak Guitar Camp 2008. For the next week I’ll be guitaristicaly enslaved by a bunch of angry swede musicians. Hope I’ll survive I’ll be [...]

Guitar Day 4

To all guitarists out there: This is a call to arms Guitar day 4 is gonna be here soon, but what is it about? Well, I didn’t know about the previous ones, but it looks like it’s a sort of guitar oriented festival + exposition, meaning that you can check guitars, amps, and other gear, [...]

TWOO featured on guitar site

Hello there, I’ve been featured as a new talent on the website: That makes me really proud! Check back soon for other scoops and reviews… Cheers, Simmessa.

Heavy Metal Photography

Hello guys, I’ve just been informed that some of my photos (on flickr, check’em out) made it on the February issue of AXE Magazine, it’s always nice to be on the front cover of a guitar mag These are some of the photos I took while attending a clinic in OneMusic near Verona. Many thanks [...]

Hey, that’s me.

On the very first day of this year I released my first solo musical work, without much fanfare, and it’s been a month. It’s called “The Way Of Opening”, barely 8 tracks of musical confusion, all being inside my head, unreleased until now. I did this as part of my “Being a Rockstar” project (that [...]

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