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Movies: Crank 2 High Voltage

For those of you that love fast paced action movies I’ve got good news: Crank 2 is out this April! (in the United Kingdom, I presume)

The Original Crank was great in my opinion, it’s the closest you can get to a Grand Theft Auto videogame transposition to the Big screen. The sequel might be even funnier, given that the original cast has been involved (most notably Jason Statham and Amy Smart) and from what I have seen in the trailer, the style of direction (by mostly unknown to the masses directors/writers: Mark Neveldine/Brian Taylor) looks very similar to the prequel, or even more frantic (if humanly possible :) ). I’m happy to wait for this one to come out in some file sharing site, err…sorry I meant Movie Theather ;) . I suggest you keep an eye open for this movie in 2009.

All the Best!


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