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Category Archives: Reviews

Spaz, the ultimate twitter client !

I’ve got fresh news for the ones among you using Twitter (don’t you know what twitter is? check it out here). Until now I’ve been using the Twitter website to make my updates or sometimes the useful twitter gadget on gmail ’cause I didn’t really need anything else plus I’m keeping many browsers open all [...]

Relay: The Ajax file manager done right!

I’ve been looking for a fancy ajax file manager for quite some time now, but it’s been hard so far to get a free viable alternative to plain old ftp. C’mon guys I think it could be a good time to come up with something better than the File Transfer Protocol, with all its quirks [...]

Getting social, or promoting your music online

Are you a self produced musician or band? Then you could find the following post interesting… I recently began doing my own music and putting it for free on the internet, which is something I really wanted to do for a long time. I’ve undertaken this project, my solo record, and I put so much [...]

Ironman: the Coolness factor

I saw Ironman last night and it really kicks some serious ass! I’m not very fond of Marvel comic books movies but this one is well made…the story has been stretched a little bit (Wikipedia knows more…) as usual…but I found a lot of remarkable things in this film. Many pieces of technology as shown [...]

Subsonica Lives

Venerdì 7 dicembre a Milano, Sant’Ambrogio, ma non solo, è la scusa ufficiale per andare a sentire una band che di Milano non è, ma da Torino con furore, al forum fa i suoi bei 2000+ fan… …e anche se le ragazzine non sono certamente una minoranza oggigiorno ad un concerto dei Subsonica, devo dire [...]

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